Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Cam comes off as a serious dog until his goof comes out.  This boy is all
heart, with incredible working drive - he just never stops pulling. Because
of this, we leave him in wheel because we don't want to lose his power.  
He is the big protector to his sisters, and serves as the communal chew
toy in the house.  Though he's a good boy, if there's mischief to be had,
he'll find it, and his mouth is only marginally better than Piper's - he lets
you know exactly what he is feeling.  Cam finished his WTD and WWPD
title earning a leg in each of his first pulls foregoing novice class.  Though
we're giving him some time to mature, Cam is already AKC pointed.   The
best is yet to come with this boy.
Anua's Cam I Am WTD, WWPD

03/17/2011 - 08/15/2018
Cam's Health Clearances on OFA
PN - Tested homozygous Clear

Ch Gryphon's Moonlighting at Wintuk x
Quinault's Ridge Runnin Hussy