Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Clara is the 'quiet' one of her litter - on surface.  You think there's not
much there - we sometimes call her Clara Dum Dum, until the switch goes
on.  She has amazing working drive - is happy to work in any position,
and we kept her in wheel because of her power.  We decided to try her
up front in lead at 14 months old, and have never moved her back.  She
has that intangible drive to move down the trail, and is one of the few
dogs I have that actually likes running down the right side of the trail, and
will keep the team there.  Though they are not at all related, Clara
reminds me the most of Em, who must have passed on her stubbornness
and sense of humor to her before she left us.  When Clara doesn't want
to do something, she's just not going to do it, but always keeps the smile
on her face while telling you no.  Clara finished her championship in
2013, taking BOW for a 5 point major and a BBE Group 4 at the
Waukesha Kennel Club in July of 2013, and finishing with her final major
at the Amana Colonies show the next month.  2013 was a busy year for
Clara, in addition to finishing she also earned her WTD and WWPD titles.
Ch. Anua's Absolut Clara-T, WTD WPD

b. 03/17/2011
Clara's Health Clearances on OFA
PN - Cleared by Parentage

Ch Gryphon's Moonlighting at Wintuk x Quinault's Ridge
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