Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Piper - ah Piper - if you weren't so sweet, you would have been named
The Mouth.  Though I hadn't planned on keeping three pups from this
litter, this little girl wormed her way into my heart, and when a harness
was put on her and she pulled so well my jaw dropped, she was here to
stay.  Piper is a mischievious little nut, and absolutely lets us know every
thought that enters her head by vocalizing it - loudly.  Very very bright,
and from day one adored her big half sister Bea, and her personality is
very similar - a 'project' dog.  Piper has her little projects that she quietly
(for once) involves herself in, building rocks piles, carrying and placing
socks where she thinks they should be.  Piper throws her energy into
everything she does, and earned her WTD and WWPD titles in 2013.  
Though it's hard to keep her focused at times in the ring, when we do,
she has beaten her sister Clara.  I have great expectations for this little
girl, and expect to be entertained through the whole of it.
Ch. Anua's Hot Piper, WTD, WWPD

b. 03/17/2011
Piper's Health Clearances on OFA
PN Cleared by Parentage

Ch Gryphon's Moonlighting at Wintuk x Quinault's
Ridge Runnin Hussy

Photo by Lynda Beam