Emma and Boogie
'Helping' mulch the garden.  
Their help wasn't asked for . .
Georgia in the yard
You will notice the empty bag of
Doritos next to her.  It was at one
point a full bag sitting on my
kitchen counter.
Anua Alaskan Malamutes
About Malamutes
The Alaskan Malamute is a gorgeous, large dog, classified by the AKC under the
Working Group.  They were bred for hauling heavy loads in severe cold weather.  
They are not the fastest sled dog, but they are quite strong. They are good natured
but stubborn and not for the average first time dog owner.  Malamutes should be
raised following an
NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) or Work to Earn or No Free Lunch
program.  They are a naturally dominant breed that are more than happy to take
over your household if not raised correctly, and are not known for how well they get
along with other dogs.  This is not your typical off leash dog park breed. They can
and do get along with other dogs, but rare is the adult malamute that gets along
with ALL other dogs.

While a primitive breed, there is no wolf in them. Wolves do not make good pets.  
Traditionally malamutes are an independent dog, as they were counted on to make
the correct decisions when pulling sleds. This means malamutes will often times
do something not because you asked it to, but because it suits their purpose.  
While many breeds have the what can I do for you attitude, the malamute's is more,
what's in it for me.

If they are not given the proper amount of exercise and stimulation, it's amazing how
much damage they can do to your couch, your mail, your garden, anything involving
wood including antiques, your wardrobe, even the interior of your car.  This is not a
breed that will be happy with a half hour walk a day, especially when younger.  The
malamute is th type of dog that you will have to plan out part of your day to give it the
exercise and stimulation it needs.  Walks many times aren't enough, so many mal
owners have picked up jogging, biking with a
Springer, or doing more traditional
harness work.  They do best with people who enjoy being active and outdoors,
especially in the cold.

For a great explanation of what it means to have a malamute in your life, go here:

Bad Puppies!!! Don't let
their false expressions of
remorse fool you - they're
just tired from digging.
This snowman did have a carrot
nose at one point . . .the culprit
who ate it is standing next to it.