Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Bea is my first homebred girl, and a special girl she is.  Very intelligent, and
apparently takes after a long line of Wintuk 'shoppers'.  Bees is forever picking things
up in her mouth, and relocating them to different areas, and placing them 'just so'.    
Bea has graduated to lead dog, and runs double lead with Clara - these two girls
work well with each other and keep everyone in line and down the trail.   She is a
confident girl, with a sense of humor and fun, and like her mom Georgia, is always
smiling.  She definitely considers the world her oyster.  She has matured into a
beautiful sound mover with the structure to match.  You can't just ask her to stand,
she must fling herself all four legs off the ground into a perfect stack.  Bitty as we call
her, may not be big, but she never lets you forget her.
Anua's The Bees Knees, WTD

b. 05/27/09
Bea's Health Clearances on OFA
PN - Homozygous Clear

Quinault's Ridge Runnin Hussy x
CH Wintuk's Graystone Taconite