Anua Alaskan Malamutes
Em is my special girl, my first malamute and my learning dog. She opened
up the world of malamutes to me - without her I wouldn't be the person I
am now.

I vowed to have a malamute that was well socialized and got along with all
other dogs - Emma had other plans.  While very fair, holding herself to
the strict standards she expects of other dogs, she is a dominant girl,
especially with other girls, and is always ready to join in or continue a
brawl.  In the wrong household, Em would have had no problems running

Em excels at anything she would like to do, as long as she chooses how
to do it.  Obedience is fun, if treats are involved, and she has her CGC
(Canine Good Citizen), and has passed the Therapy Dog test.  She loves
agility as long as she gets to choose the course, and has her WPD title
(Working Pack Dog) many times over, and two legs for her WPDX
(Working Pack Dog Excellent).

Em has other ideas about pulling however.  She is happy to go on a
sledding outing, even somehow managing to earn her WTD (Working
Team Dog), but her tug line is never quite tight unless there is a body of
water around, in which case she'll pull the whole team in for a swim.  
Weight pulling is the equivalent of the Red Carpet for her.  Harnesses are
jewelry, and she works it down the runway, waving to her people, but she
has never pulled more than 1,000 pounds - that would require the tug line
to be way too tight.

Em is one of the smartest dogs I know and every day comes up with new
and inventive ways to get in trouble. Life is going to lose a little something
without her when her time comes.
Timberline's Emma WPD,
09/18/1998 - 07/22/2011

Lakota Wind x Nomarak's Yukon Denali