Puppy Application
Anua Alaskan Malamutes
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Do you have or have you had any other dogs?  If so, what type, sex, how old, how long
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Plans for your new Malamute:
Why do you want a malamute:
Do you want a show (limited availability)  or companion
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What will be your malamute's main form of exercise and how much time do you plan to spend daily exercising:
What activities are you interested in doing with your malamute - sledding/carting, weight pull, obedience, agility,
conformation?  Have you done any of these activities in the past:
If you have other pets/animals, how do you plan on introducing your new puppy to them:
On average, how long will your malamute be left home alone, and how do you plan on containing it while you are gone:
What type of food do you feed/plan on feeding:
Why do you want an Anua pup - specifically, what is it about our kennel and dogs that appeal to you:
What would be the reasons to cause you to have to return your pup/dog to us:
Vet reference and any other reference you would like to provide and their contact info:
Please take the time to fill out the following application form.  We care deeply where our puppies go, and the information you
provide will help us determine not only whether one of our malamutes is suitable for you, but also in choosing the right puppy for
your family to ensure a forever and happy home for the life of the dog.  Pups sold as companions or limited registration, will be
required to be spayed or neutered in our contract.  Full registration pups are available to select homes interested in showing.  If
you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.